Creating interactive “choose your own adventure” videos

timebomb music videoEvery other Tuesday Seed & Spark hosts a Twitter chat with a few discussion questions for indie media makers, which you can follow with #filmcurious. I’ve gotten great tips and made new connections with dozens of filmmaker through these chats.

One of the recent chats was focused on interactive storytelling–what stories work well interactively, and what ones don’t? What tools have we used for interactive storytelling and what were our experiences.

I asked a question about peoples’ experience with Interlude, a software that allows you to create interactive videos where audiences can make choices throughout a piece that leads to different outcomes. Nathalie Sejean, who writes for Mentorless, gave an example of a project she worked on with Interlude–and it’s fantastic.

It’s an animated music video for Aloe Blacc’s “Ticking Bomb” that has 16 possible endings. When you watch, you’ll see moments that give you an option to click between two choices. If you don’t click, the video will continue with a randomized choice.

My first time I wanted revolution, but ended up with self-medicating on the couch. I won’t tell you how to get other results–experience it for yourself! Enjoy.

[unfortunately WordPress can’t embed it, so you’ll have to go here]


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