Cultural ReProducers: A model for supporting artist parents

Recentllogoy, I’ve been combing over all the great resources on the Cultural ReProducers website–a group of active cultural workers who are also parents.

An excerpt from their manifesto:

* Being a vital cultural creator and an engaged parent need not be mutually exclusive things. No one should feel they have to choose between having a successful career in the arts and having a family. This has been the case for too long.

* The art world, as it is currently structured, doesn’t know what to do with mothers. Or children. Or fathers actively raising their kids. This affects all of culture: the making, curating, reviewing, experiencing and feeling of it.

* Raising children to value and engage with art benefits them, us, and society as a whole. Creating culture with the perspectives that come from raising another human does, too.

You can read their full manifesto here.

My next goal: how to find folks like this in real life to connect with.


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