Working the Film Festival Circuit–free event September 30th

Join me and this talented group of folks on September 30th for this panel discussion. I’ll be talking about my decision to make a web series and circumvent the festival circuit all together. The event is free and open to the public. Details and RSVP.

“Film festivals have always been a great place to see shorts, documentaries, and narratives directed and produced by independent media artists.  Now, with so many resources and channels making visibility and distribution that much easier, it has become increasingly important to strategize about whether or not the film festival circuit is for you, and what you need to have in place to make it worthwhile. Hear from film curators and filmmakers about how to decide which festivals are the right fit for your work, and how to package your film and prepare for submission deadlines.

Moderated by Leeway Communications Assistant and media artist Irit Reinheimer (ACG ’06), the panel includes filmmaker, animator and visual artist Erica Cho (ACG ’11), filmmaker and radio producer Heidi Saman (LTA ’09), filmmaker and BlackStar Film Festival founder Maori Karmael Holmes (LTA ’06, ACG ’06, ’05), and filmmaker and curator Sara Zia Ebrahimi (LTA ’14, ACG ’13, ACG ’09).”


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