What I’m reading: graphic novels “This One Summer” and “The Encyclopedia of Early Earth”

this-one-summer-windy-danceI’ve been on a recent trend of reading more graphic novels. The most recent two, This One Summer and The Encyclopedia of Early Earth were both delightful and are ones I would recommend to others.

This One Summer manages to visually capture the feeling of summertime as a kid–the joy, the boredom, the slow pace. The drawings and use of frames on the page not only provide these visceral sensations, but also play with space and the passage of time in creative ways. For example, one favorite is this image above of high energy Windy dancing around the room while her and the main character Rose listen to music.

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth is a mythological tale that reminded me of Arabian Nights–one of my favorite books growing up–where there are stories within stories told by a smart storyteller who is often trying to just survive. The universe created in this story world is magical and at times bizarre, ruled by a Birdman and his two children Kiddo and Kid. Like all good myths, the stories include star-crossed lovers, unlikely heroes, and warring clans who can’t let a grudge go.  Greenberg1_1013


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