East Looks West Looks East: A Few Films from the Iranian Diaspora
Co-Curated with Aghigh Ebrahimi Bazaz (March, 2009)

The Animal in Me: Films Featuring the Rest of the Animal Kingdom
Co-Curated with Laska Jimsen (May, 2009)

My Father, the Radical:Films by the Children of Activists
(June, 2009)

Weighty Propositions: Films About Bodies, Fatness and Food
Co-Curated with Naima Lowe (September, 2009)

Driving Between the Lines: Short Films About Cars and Trucks
Co-Curated with Jen Schneider (October, 2009)

Limits of Reason:  A Collection of Short Films Alternate Worlds and States of Mind
Co-Curated with Alison Crouse (November, 2009)

Kinowatt Film Screening Series
Co-curated with Maori Karmael Holmes (September 2011-May 2012)

Mossadegh Is My Homeboy
Short films that feature former Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh in the imagery or story line (October 2012)

That Person Who Is Your Creation: Visual Art by Women of Iranian Descent
Co-presented with the Asian Arts Initiative (January-April 2013)