Ice Skates FilmThe FBI Blew Up My Ice Skates (2016

co-directed with Lindsey Martin

It’s winter of 1980. The Iran Hostage Crisis is happening, and all Haleh wants is a pair of ice skates from the Sears catalog.




bench color correctedBailout (2015)

HD, web series

It’s the financial collapse of 2009. Shay, an Iranian-American woman living in Philadelphia, struggles to hide her own financial entrapment in the most American of traditions—credit card debt—with her family members who each harbor their own untold secrets. Screenings: available online at


tea time with normanNorman Schwarzkopf Made Me Gay (2012)

personal documentary
animation, 10 minutes

How is the life of an Iranian American who grew up in the U.S. South interlinked with Norman Schwarzkopf’s? This humorous commentary on U.S. foreign policy relations with the Middle East shows it’s more interconnected than you might expect.

Artwork by: bex, Farhad Ebrahimi, Irit Reinheimer, Sara Zia Ebrahimi, Thomasin Parnes.

Sound design and original music composition by: Joel Roston

Screenings: Artsfest Film Fesitval, Harrisburg, PA (2012), Rooftop Film Series, Brooklyn, NY (2012), Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, MI (2012) Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia PA (2012)


abstract1How The Bridge Works (2010)

experimental/personal documentary
miniDV, 8 minutes
co-directed with Irit Reinheimer

We don’t all understand gravity, but we trust it to be at work all the time. What about memory? 

Sound design: Jake Hockel

Screenings: MIX Experimental Film Fest , New York, NY (2010) Strange Beauty Film Festival, Durham, NC (2011), British Film Institute, London, England (2011),  Moles Not Molars Series, Philadelphia, PA (2011), De Anza Experimental Film Exhibition, Los Gatos, CA (2011)

termiteUp Against (2010)

miniDV, 3 minutes
Part of a collaborative project with the Termite TV Collective for the Shelter show. 

Up Against is a collaboration with award-winning poet Mytili Jagannathan and electronic musician and photographer, Gralin Hughes. Each of us created our own element (words, images, sounds) and then pieced them together into the final piece that then was joined with several others. In the Termite Collective model, the group picks a theme and then each member makes their own 3-5 minute piece as a variation on that theme. Sometimes it’s an eclectic mish-mosh of vignettes, othertimes is a cohesive set of social commentary. But it’s always interesting.

Screenings Hallswalls Contemporary Media Center, Buffalo, NY (2010), Media Bureau Network Studios/Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2010), Civic Media Center, Gainesville, FL (2010), International House, Philadelphia, PA (2010)

shadowCusps (2008)

experimental/personal documentary
16mm film/miniDV video, 14 minutes

Cusps started with the question of what the role of artists in gentrification is, and then transformed into a poetic visual journal paralleling changes in the city of Philadelphia with the filmmaker’s life. In this personal documentary Sara Zia Ebrahimi explores her experiences living as an urban nomad and immigrant in the post-industrial landscape of Philadelphia neighborhoods

Camera Assistants: Rodney Camarce, Fereshteh Ebrahimi, Sarah Stefana Smith
Video Camera Operators: Ephraim Asili, Maori Karmael Holmes, L.C. Lincoln, Cheraine Stanford
Sound Recording: Sara Zia Ebrahimi, David Miranda Hardy, Teishan Latner, L.C. Lincoln
Sound Mix: David Miranda Hardy

Screenings: Philadelphia International Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (2008), Diamond Screen Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (2008), Black Lily Women’s Music and Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (2008), Scribe Video Center Storyville Series, Philadelphia, PA (2008), Rooftop Films Industriance Series, Brooklyn, NY (2008), MIX Experimental Film Festival, New York, NY (2008), Fusion Festival, Los Angeles, CA (2009), Flickering Light Film Screening Series, Philadelphia, PA (2009), Indie Grits Film Fest, Columbia, SC (2009), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA (2009), Change in Motion, Philadelphia, PA (2009), Bronx Academy of Art and Dance, Bronx, NY (2010), Maysles Cinema, New York, NY (2010), l’Epicerie de la cour, Paris, France (2010), Panke, Berlin, Germany (2011), The Horse Hospital, London, United Kingdom (2011), Artists Television Access, San Francisco, CA (2011), Grand Detour, Portland, OR (2011), Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA (2011), Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA(2015), Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA (2015)

preservationPreservation (2007)

miniDV, 8 minutes

Winner of “Best Student Narrative” prize at Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival

Preservation is the story of a 5 year old girl and her mother who have moved in with the grandmother while the father/husband/son is away at war in Iraq. The daughter sees her grandmother storing food in the freezer and misunderstands the concept of “preservation”. Using her child-like logic, she decides to freeze her pet hamster, Binky, to ensure that he will still be around when her father returns.

Cinematographer: Tom Quinn
Editor: Iain Conliffe
Cast: Anastasia Korbal, Juliette Reiss, Catherine Lawrence

Screenings Siouxland Film Festival (2007), Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (2007), ArtsFest Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA (2007)


exileThe Achievements of Exile (2005)

experimental/personal documentary
16mm film/35mm stills, 12 minutes

Using text, images, and sound this video pieces together two visual journals with quiet and subtle beauty. Within these two journal entries a woman contemplates the need for connection to blood family in a globalized world where fewer people are near the place they “came from” (be it physical or otherwise) and finds a paradox of a simultaneous embrace and letting go of her family.


Screenings: BLINK, Philadelphia, PA (2005), Philadelphia International Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (2005), riffRag Collective, New York, NY (2006), Journal of Short Film v5 (2006), Scribe Video Center Storyville Series, Philadelphia, PA (2007), Women of Color Film Festival, San Francisco, CA (2007), SisterFire LA, Los Angeles, CA (2008)

on-the-shelfOn the Shelf (2003)

miniDV, 12 minutes
co-directed with Naomi Skoglund

A homage to book lovers, On the Shelf is a humorous love story about being particular about the contents of a date’s shelf. Shot in New York City, the video captures several women owned businesses that were open in 2003 including Bluestockings Bookstore, Dish and Toys in Babeland.

Screenings: Lesbian Herstory Archives Summer Series. Brooklyn, NY (2003), OutFlix, Nashville, TN (2003), Queers with Cams, Prince Film Theater, Philadelphia, PA (2003), Reel Identities, New Orleans, LA (2004), Art Nerd Night, Oni Gallery. Boston, MA (2004), aLAF, Dublin, Ireland (2004), Inside Out, Toronto, ON (2004), New Fest, New York, NY (2004), Frameline, San Francisco, CA (2004), OUT Fest, Los Angeles, CA (2004), Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (2004), Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, MI (2004), Austin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Austin, TX (2004), Reel Affirmations, Washington DC (2004), Larzish- 2nd International film festival of sexuality and gender plurality, Bombay, India (2004), London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, London, England (2005)